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Dragon Manufacturing and Automation Gears Co., Ltd.

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Mimuro 2607-9, Midori-ku, Saitama-shi, Sitama, Japan

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STATIC MIXER   (made by GMA) 


Static mixer is a mixing equipment without driving unit. Injection fluid within the equipment is stirred and mixed through three mixing principles of division, conversion and inversion. DMAG provides the static mixer which has a superior mixing efficiency to be applicable to various processing conditions and materials including high viscosity liquid. Also it is optimal for the usage as inline-type-successive reactor with short residence time. 

Combination use of DEX-GP gear pump, screen changer and static mixer achieve high efficiency, and enables to provide high-precision and homogenized products.


DMAG propose the best size of static mixer by resistance based on the “Watanabe Theory”.


Our static mixer has the function of mixing & dispersing various liquid, the function of a precise temperature homogenization of heat-sensitive liquid and the function of inline type successive reactor, which can work homogenization in short time.


- High mixing efficiency in various condition of liquid


- Suitable for a precise temperature homogenization


- Coloring homogenization (Saving cost of dye)


- Viscosity homogenization (High percentage of recycled material)


DMAG deals with a various kinds of components for extrusion system and internally-designed gear pumps, and provide maintenance service.


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Dragon Manufacturing and Automation Gears Co., Ltd.


Mimuro 2607-9, Midori-ku, Saitama-shi, Sitama, Japan



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