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Mimuro 2607-9, Midori-ku, Saitama-shi, Sitama, Japan

DEX GEAR PUMP for extrusion 

The DEX gear pump in the extruder line can work to minimize pressure fluctuation at die and to decrease polymer temperature.

This makes possible that DEX gear pump takes the function of pressure-rising and the extruder can be worked only for the functions of melting and mixing polymer. And the results are to contribute to not only effective work for extruder line and producing high quality goods, but also decreasing extruder load and extending service life of extruder. DEX gear pumps are divided into GP (standards pressure type) and HP (high pressure type), and have the options of DC (discharging lubricated polymer of heat sensitive character) and J (additional cross section jackets for heating medium). Specialized pumps for rigid-PVC and rubber are finished design and will be able to be started the machining.


DEX pump is designed based on Watanabe-theory. And DEX pump at over 120 bar pressurizing condition has performed more 20% superior volumetric efficiency than the existing pumps.


Please consult us. DEX pump has the different pump’s shapes, including finished production pumps, so as to be able to be replaced directly.

 DEX Faeture

DEX gear pump, which we design, can perform very high volumetric efficiency. So it is possible to keep several % difference of discharge volume at between 100 bar and 160 bar pressurizing. And suction pressure is enough between 20~30 Bar.

-  Specialized gear pump for high volumetric efficiency

      (Good pump for olefins (PE, PP) and PS, whose shear-rate-viscosity curves go down

       steep at more than 1000/sec shear rate.) 

- Adequate pump for higher viscosity

- Customized designed pump

      (Adopting any kinds of connection flange and size, materials, coating and plating,

       mounting thread for pressure sensor in pump)

 DEX Specification 

 DEX Typical Applications 

DMAG deals with a various kinds of components for extrusion system and internally-designed gear pumps, and provide maintenance service.


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Dragon Manufacturing and Automation Gears Co., Ltd.


Mimuro 2607-9, Midori-ku, Saitama-shi, Sitama, Japan



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