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Dragon Manufacturing and Automation Gears Co., Ltd.

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Mimuro 2607-9, Midori-ku, Saitama-shi, Sitama, Japan

 DEX 特徴 

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 FEEDBLOCK   (made by GMA) 


Feedblock makes molten polymer laminar flow and to die after merging several laminar flows. Configuration of layers can be adjusted only by replacing channel block and the flow rate of each layer is adjustable by operating control valve without dismounting main unit.


DMAG offers the best product according to customer’s environment including feedblock with multi-layer over 100 sheets, and customization corresponding to various connection type of T-die.



GMA’s feedblock is applied to co-extrusion system for various kind of product such as sheet, film hollow profile, multi-lamination sheet. DMAG also offers customization besides the standard specification of our feedblock.


- Applied to any connection type of T-die.


- Modulated design of feed block can be easy dismounting, checking and cleaning.


- Layer design with 2-100 layers


- In case of major revision of co-extruding conditions, feedblock can be adopted only replacing channel block without dismounting main body, nor executing adjustment.


- Easy & accurate adjustment to each layer’s rate is possible.


- Not only a combination set of feed block and T-die for co-extrusion, but also total combination set of feed block, T-die for co-extrusion, screen changer, gear pump, connecting pipe and control pannel is available.


*Adopted to all kinds of plastics except corrosive plastics[MO1]  such as PVC.

*Adopted to any connection types of T-die.

DMAG deals with a various kinds of components for extrusion system and internally-designed gear pumps, and provide maintenance service.


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Dragon Manufacturing and Automation Gears Co., Ltd.


Mimuro 2607-9, Midori-ku, Saitama-shi, Sitama, Japan



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