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Dragon Manufacturing and Automation Gears Co., Ltd.

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Mimuro 2607-9, Midori-ku, Saitama-shi, Sitama, Japan

Alliance Partner - GMA




GMA is the company manufacturing and distributing whose headquarter and factories are located in Taiwan. After the establishment in 1989, GMA has got involved in research and development of equipment for extrusion system starting with T-die, and gained a strong reputation among all Taiwan markets. GMA’s product has been sold in 18 countries worldwide, and achieved high customer satisfaction.


DMAG designs not only GMA 2nd-generation gear pump for plastic but also industrial pump for gum elastic and middle range viscosity, also deals with various products for extrusion system including gear pump as a distributor of GMA.

No.28, Lane 362, Sec. 2, Yung Hsing Rd., Wu Chi Dist., Taichung 435, Taiwan 




GMA was established in 1989. In the beginning, GMA specialized in plastic injection molding, mold design and manufacturing. To meet extruding processor requirements, in 1990, GMA became involved in T-die design and manufacturing for sheet, film and coating film production. Over the years, we have invited several high molecular masters and doctors to research and develop various T-die manufacturing technology. Besides, GMA was introduced into various extrusions auxiliary for research and development, such as gear pumps, screen changers and static mixers, etc.

Nowadays, GMA has design engineers and highly skilled technicians with over 20 years experience in the field of T-die and ancillary equipment for extruding products. We provide custom designs to fully meet customer requirements. In addition, we also have invested in over 50 advanced CNC machine tools (local and international), CAE computer software, and several units of 3D, 4 axes CAD/CAM design software. All this provides high quality products and high efficient services for our customers.

The in-house design and manufacturing capabilities enable us to execute entire manufacturing processes. We can thereby completely control quality at every stage, from order confirm, to T-Die design, manifold simulation according to customer’s material, and all manufacturing process in our factory.

GMA products have been sold to worldwide markets, such as: the U.K., Japan, the U.S.A., Italy, Brazil, Argentina and China, etc. We can offer best quality which can reach American and Japan level. 

History of the alliance partnership between DMAG and GMA











2014年 July






2015年 Janury 


GMA has been founded.


GMA has begun T-die manufacturing.


GMA has begun gear pump manufacturing.


Presented GMA 2nd-generation gear pump for testing (designed by DMAG) at IPF2011.


Concluded a sales agreement between DMAG and GMA.


Achieved success in prototype manufacturing of GMA 2nd-generation gear pump.


Presented GMA 2nd-generation gear pump designed by DMAG at IPF2014.


Began full production of GMA 2nd-generation gear pump. 

DMAG deals with a various kinds of components for extrusion system and internally-designed gear pumps, and provide maintenance service.


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Dragon Manufacturing and Automation Gears Co., Ltd.


Mimuro 2607-9, Midori-ku, Saitama-shi, Sitama, Japan



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