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Dragon Manufacturing and Automation Gears Co., Ltd.

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Mimuro 2607-9, Midori-ku, Saitama-shi, Sitama, Japan

Management Principle


● Maintain a pride in product design

● Make a contribution to the world

● Keep moving forward



President’s Message


Tatsuhiko Izumida

President & Chief Executive Officer,

Dragon Manufacturing and Automation Gears Co., Ltd.


 I used to spend my early life in the town spreading behind the building dockyard and the plant was my playground. I had enjoyed sounds, smells and excitements of the dockyard naturally in my everyday life. There used to be a “launching ceremony” celebrating the first process of floating the vessel in the water, and most impressive images were the body of a huge ship and people’s smiles with a sense of pride. I still remember and think greats deal of proud the presences of those technicians, plant workers and all people who had sweated with effort for creating products.


I have got involved in the field of gear pump for about 30 years. Our product, “DEX gear pump” in the design based on Watanabe-Theory achieves over 20% improvement in efficiency and afford a 30% energy saving as a whole of extrusion system when used in combination with a screen changer. Taking full advantages of my knowledges and experiences for 30 years, I would like to make a contribution to the world’s progress through our designs and products. 

President’s Biography



1952, born in Nagasaki and grown up in the town near dockyard

1977, graduated from Kyusyu University (造船学科engineering department)

1977, joined 宇品造船・金輪船渠 in Hiroshima , in charge of艤装設計

1979, joined幸陽ドック in Mihara, in charge of basic design for chemical tanker

         and LPG & oil tanker.   

1986,joined市川物産株式会社 and worked as a sales engineer of gear pump till 2011

  ※History of the company’s consolidation:

2011, established Dragon Manufacturing and Automation Gears Co., Ltd.

      and began gear pump design based on Watanabe-Theory

I love spring skiing, long for lovely landscape from Mt. Eigergletscher to Mt. Jungfrau and down-hill from Schilthorn.Running in a full marathon twice a year is my duty to keep my health condition.I enjoy carousal with my friends after cycling of 140km around my house.I draw oil paintings of familiar sceneries around me, sing in choir and enjoy playing tour all over Japan and China, love reading after enjoying scuba diving, love playing golf and working out at the gym. Japanese sake and wine are my favorites.


Designing and drawing is my most favorite thing. “Enjoy working!” is my motto.


President’s Hobby



DMAG deals with a various kinds of components for extrusion system and internally-designed gear pumps, and provide maintenance service.


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Dragon Manufacturing and Automation Gears Co., Ltd.


Mimuro 2607-9, Midori-ku, Saitama-shi, Sitama, Japan



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